• Individuals between ages 18 and 35.
  • The tenant has an agreement with a local university, an internship or a work contract.
  • Pay the refundable deposit.
  • Agree and sign the contranct and the house rules.
  • On arrival the first month´s rent has to be paid.
  1. Complete and send the booking form of the room that you are interested in, incl. time for arrival and departure and your personal data.
  2. Once we confirm the availability of the room for the requested period, the deposit must be paid.
  3. Upload your identity document and proof of your study or work.
  4. Once the transfer is credited, the booking process is completed. Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card.

The minimum stay is 3 months.

Our check-in & check-out time is:
Monday – Friday 9:00 – 12:30 (For other requests please contact the office).

The amount of the refundable deposit is equivalent to the amount of one month rent. For example, if the monthly rent of the room is 450 €, the deposit will be 450 €.

Please note: It is not allowed to use the deposit to pay any month of the rent.

The deposit has a dual function:

  • to guarantee the fulfillment of booking process and ensures the room chosen for the stay is agreed upon.
  • to guarantee that the contract and the house rules, that the student has been informed of during the booking process, will be signed at arrival before the keys are handed out.

At the end of your stay, and after the points mentioned below have been verified, the deposit will be returned by bank transfer. The bank transfer will happen within 60 days from the check-out date. All the commissions from the bank transfer will be charged to the tenant.
In order to have the deposit refunded, these 4 checkpoints must be in order and will be verified:

  1. The student has paid all the rental payments and that there’s no overconsumption of utilitie bills left unpaid (as written in the contract utilities are covered up to a certain reasonable limit, and utilities going beyond the agreed upon amount will be proportionally divided up between the students sharing the flat). Unpaid bills will be deducted from the deposit.
  2. The room is left in the same conditions as at the moment of the check-in. All the elements of the room will be checked (check-list).
  3. The keys have been returned.
  4. The student has complied with the house rules.

If you leave the rented room before the contract expiration, and there’s a lack of rent in the remaining month, the deposit will not be refunded.

Only 50% of the deposit, paid under the process of the reservation, will be refunded if the cancellation is made before the arrival or if it is made within the first 24 hours of arrival. In this case the keys must be returned within 24 hours of arrival, and the room has to be in the same condition as when the check-in was made.

No refund of deposit will be given for cancellations made after the first 24 hours of arrival.

When the booking is completed and the deposit is paid, our terms and conditions are accepted.

From then on, the room is reserved and is no longer offered to others.

The rent is for residential, so tenant acknowledges that the shared accommodation is his/her habitual residence during the stay in Spain.

The tenant has the possibility to extend the contract, provided it is reported and approved by erasmundus barcelona flats.

An application for extension must be handed in a month in advance, and all the standards from the contract must be approved.

The contract expires naturally at the end of the contract period or at one of its extensions if this has been agreed between both parties.

If the tenant violates the obligations of the contract, they must leave the room and the deposit is lost.

The monthly rent is paid in advance between the 1st and 5th of each month by card or bank transfer to an account designated by erasmundus flats barcelona.

Payment must state the full name and room number of the tenant.

If payment is delayed, the student has to contact the contact person from erasmundus flats barcelona flats as quick as possible. If not, you will be asked to leave the room, and you will lose the deposit. The contract states that there is a fine of 3% of the rent, for each day of delay of the payment.

Rent for the arrival month:

If the check-in is made before the 15th, the full rent has to be paid.

If the check-in is made after the 15th, only 50% of the rent has to be paid.

Rent for the departure month:

If the check-out is made before the 15th, only 50% of the rent has to be paid.

If the check-out is made after the 16th, the full rent has to be paid.

The consumption is included in the rent, but if there is an overconsumption of utilitie (as written in the contract utilities are covered up to a certain reasonable limit), it will be proportionally divided up between the students sharing the flat.

The cost of the Internet is included in the monthly rent.

The apartment has no hotel or restaurant service, so the tenants must clean their own rooms and keep the shared areas neat and tidy, including cleaning the kitchen after use and taking out the trash. Weekly cleaning of common areas is included in the rent.

Tenants must each keep order in the shared areas, including cleaning the kitchen after use and ensure that waste is thrown out.

The weekly cleaning does not include cleaning of the rooms, washing and waste disposal.

If a tenant believes that another tenant is denying their cleaning responsibilities, please contact the contact person from erasmundus barcelona flats.

erasmundus barcelona flats will repair any breaks of equipment in the shared flat, provided that they have not been damaged by the tenants themselves. If so, the tenant will be responsible for the repair, and if it is not possible to identify who is responsible, all tenants cover the costs.

In case of damage or failures in the apartments, the residents must inform the contact person at erasmundus barcelona flats as soon as possible. Repairs will be carried out in the shortest possible time.

1- Always keep the front door closed and locked even when you are inside.

  1. Do not open the main door for strangers, sellers etc.

3 NEVER write the address on the house key.

4- Use your common sense and take caution.

5- If you smell gas, open the windows, turn off the boiler and close the gas tap. In case of not knowing where the tap is promptly get in contact with the erasmundus barcelona flats contact person.

6- Do not leave the kitchen or any other room if there are lighted candles.

7- It is mandatory to switch off all electrical equipment when the tenant is not staying in his room (heating, computer, cell phone charger, etc.)

8- Never leave money or valuables in sight in the flat. Erasmundus barcelona flats is not responsible for losses or thefts in the rooms, for this purpose, every tenant is provided with separate key for their room. It is understood that the coexistence between roommates should be sufficient to respect privacy.

  1. It is forbidden to throw anything other than toilet paper in the toilet. Use the toilet bin for anything else.

TIP: Barcelona is like any big city, home to many pickpockets (people who live by stealing money from tourists and citizens). Pay special attention to places with many people such as the Metro and in tourist areas such as Las Ramblas, El Raval.

1- Distribute tasks of common interest:

  1. Take turns taking down the garbage every day
  2. By toilet paper
  3. Keep the toilets clean
  4. Sweep the hall and the kitchen
  5. Start the washing machine and empty it
  6. ….

2- Make agreements about high sounds / noise, so you can study and sleep.

3- Buy common materials together such as: oil, toilet paper, soap, cleaning, etc.

4- To invite friends make a specific time during the day (you cannot have guests to sleep on the floor).

5- Clean pots, pans and other cookware immediately after use.

6- Keep personal items in the room and do not leave them in the bathrooms and common areas.

In case that a tenant is seriously ill, the roommates must call an ambulance (dial 112). If it is not a particularly serious illness, erasmundus barcelona flats expect that the roommates offer their help to buy medicine, provide food, etc.

If a tenant has problems in relation to one of the housemates it is likely some breach of contract by one of them (e.g. because he is not participating in the common tasks or because he has guests to sleep on the floor, etc.). The best way to solve this problem is definitely to talk with him/her, possibly have a meeting with all the roommates about the issue. If necessary, you can inform the erasmundus barcelona flats team.

Because the contracts are renting a room and not the whole apartment, erasmundus barcelona flats team has right to check / inspect the common areas. The visits will only be made to improve the apartments or if a vacant room is to be presented or check in/out. Also in case of urgency the erasmundus barcelona flats team has the right to enter the flat.

If roommates are harmed or there is excessive noise caused by neighbours in the building, it is preferable to take directly contact to the erasmundus barcelona flats team. The same, if there is any relationship problem with the neighbours.

We must respect all the neighbours in the building, so there has to quiet from 10 p.m. to 9 a.m. That means, if more are gathered in the kitchen after 10 p.m. then close the windows and the shutters.