Cookie Policy (EU)

Cookies are small files that are installed on the user’s computer and allow the person in charge of a service to improve the way they interact with their visitors and their website. In some cases, the installation of these cookies requires the consent of the user.

There are different types of cookies, affected and not affected by the law:

Cookies not affected:

· Techniques : They are necessary for navigation. Without them the page would not function properly.

· Customization or configuration : Allow the page to recognize the user’s language, font size, etc.

· Security : Prevent or hinder attacks on the website or its users.

Affected cookies:

· Analytics : They allow to measure the activity of the users and to elaborate statistics of navigation.

· Advertising : They manage the frequency and content of the ads.

· Tracking : Store information about users to show them personalized advertising.

“Erasmundus” informs that the website uses the following cookies in the domain

Technical cookies: Technical cookies help to make the website usable by activating basic functions such as page navigation and access to secure areas of the page. The website cannot function properly without these cookies.

“Erasmundus”erasmundus.comelementorUsed by WordPress. The cookie allows the owner of the website to implement or change the content of the website in real time.TechniquePersistent
“Erasmundus”erasmundus.commphp_sessionRequired for the booking function of the website.Technique1 day
“Erasmundus”erasmundus.comwc_cart_hash_#Keeps the selection basket while the user is browsing the webpage.TechniquePersistent
“Erasmundus”erasmundus.comwc_fragments_#Guarantees certain features of the selection basket.TechniqueSesion

Once you have selected the cookies in your banner, in order to deactivate or reactivate them on your device, you must do so through your Internet browser or through the banner itself.

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